Brazilian Association Of Direct Marketing - ABEMD

WHO WE ARE PURPOSES WHAT ABEMD DOES FOR THE AFFILIATED MEMBERS SEGMENTS PRESENT IN ABEMD   I. WHO WE ARE ABEMD is a not-for-profit civil entity founded in 1976 and organized by individuals and companies, direct and indirectly, mostly interested in applying strategies and techniques of Direct Marketing in

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Code of Ethics

About ABEMD's Code of Ethics Índice CHAPTER 1 - TERMS OF OFFER CHAPTER 2 - ANSWERING SERVICE CHAPTER 3 - MAILING LISTS CHAPTER 4 - TELEMARKETING CHAPTER 5 - FUND-RAISING CHAPTER 6 - COMPLIANCE WITH LEGISLATION The ABEMD Code of Ethics, Brazilian Association of Direct Marketing, constitutes a self-regulation of

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Good Manners in Actions of e-mail Marketing

Índice Ethics Opt-in Opt-out Use of electronic address File size Executable files (.exe) Relevance Frequency Relationship Policy The Brazilian Direct Marketing Association (ABEMD) has prepared this list of “Good manners” as to contribute to elaborate actions of e-mail marketing. It is composed of a list of recommendations that leads to

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Contact Us

Contact the ABEMD The ABEMD is a membership organization. You can reach us by mail, phone or e-mail. ABEMD Av. São Luís, 50 - 13º andar - Conj. 132/B Edifício Itália - Centro - São Paulo/SP - Brasil Cep (Zip Code) 01046-926 Telephone: 55 11 3129-3001 E-mail: abemd@abemd.org.br

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