ABEMD is a not-for-profit civil entity founded in 1976 and organized by individuals and companies, direct and indirectly, mostly interested in applying strategies and techniques of Direct Marketing in their professional activities.

ABEMD works primarily with the purpose to incentive, value, develop and promote the Direct Marketing in Brazil. It gathers not only companies that render services in several areas of Direct Marketing but also corporations that strongly use these tools within their Communication and Marketing strategies.



In order to properly perform its role, ABEMD describes its purposes as follows:

  1. To development and improve techniques and activities of Direct Marketing in Brazil, defending its interests and spreading out theoretical principles and practical applications;
  2. To promote educational opportunities, and technical and professional skills improvement in Direct Marketing through the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences among their associates as well as the organization of specialized libraries, courses, conferences, congresses, expositions and other related activities;
  3. To promote and distribute information and knowledge about Direct Marketing either by fostering the publication, or by publishing daily either newspapers, or magazines or notes, books or any other vehicles of technical and informative nature;
  4. To clarify the public opinion about the social and economical functions developed by companies, which employ Direct Marketing techniques;
  5. To preserve the compliance with Code of Ethics, as a means to assure the maintenance of the good image of Direct Marketing in the market, which facilitates that companies and consumers to accept its sales and communication techniques;
  6. To defend our affiliated members before the public opinion, the Congress and government agencies related to Direct Marketing activities;
  7. To keep posted its members at first-hand about the important events concerning the Direct Marketing, with reference to technical, operating and political aspects;
  8. To stimulate commercial contacts among the associates and with the market in order to support their activities and foster their businesses;
  9. To carry out researches and studies about the direct marketing segment in Brazil with the purpose of improving its applications and knowledge;
  10. To promote technical exchange among corresponding entities and companies abroad;
  11. To award the best campaigns of Direct Marketing.



  • Direct Marketing Magazine: monthly publication containing related information, news and articles;
  • Brazilian Annual Guide of Direct Marketing: the most complete guide of the segment;
  • ABEMD Award: the principal award of the Brazilian Direct Marketing;
  • Seminars, lectures, conferences and debates with respectful professionals of the segment;
  • ABEMD Portal: web portal with institutional information and segment news;
  • Direct Tips: daily electronic bulletin with the main news about Direct Marketing derived from the associates;
  • To provide support to affiliated members to participate at the leading international conferences.



ABEMD comprises companies and professionals from several segments, which employ Direct Marketing:

  • Agency Houses
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)/Database Marketing
  • E-Commerce/Internet
  • Mailing Lists
  • Logistics
  • Telemarketing/Contact Center